Dr. Pam is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. God has led her and her family to North Myrtle Beach to serve this community. She completed her chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida. Dr. Pam has been a chiropractic patient her entire life but didn't truly embrace how powerful the adjustment is until her college days when she had been neglecting getting adjusted. After hurting her low back golfing, she received a handful of adjustments, and not only was her pain gone but she noticed that her stress level was down and her immune system was functioning better.

Dr. Pam knew she always wanted to be a doctor but was so blessed that God put her on the path of natural healing. In our office, the main focus is on treating the patient as a whole. Our whole goal is to optimize your healing potential. God gave your body the ability to heal. My job is to remove interference to return that healing potential.