Start the Year off Right

It is that time of year again. Time to make your New Year’s resolutions. Let’s look at the definition of resolution because while I don’t like some meanings there are some that are truly perfect for the purpose of setting resolutions.

First, resolution means the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones. That definition is beautiful if you truly make a strong resolution for the beginning of the year. Any good resolution that you are going to stick to must come with an ultimate, BIG goal and then be broken down into baby steps or short term, small goals to reach along the journey. 

Second definition and my favorite: the point in a story when the main problem is worked out or resolved. You write your own story! You get to decide how it goes. Yes I realize that we make plans and God redirects them sometimes but you still need to make goals. You get to decide how you react to the things in life that get thrown your way. My favorite part in any movie is when the main character makes a decision about their next steps after they have spent the whole movie going back and forth on what is truly important to them. There is always a turning point. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to reset or make a turning point.

Let’s get one thing straight…I have been horrible with resolutions in the past. I was so focused on the big picture that I lost patience and stopped the journey altogether. I hated the process. It wasn’t until I switched my mindset that things started happening for me. 

Once I changed my mindset to “this is a JOURNEY” then I started to enjoy the process. You set an end goal but if you reach that early are you going to be done? Or if you don’t reach it, will you give up? I will never be satisfied with where I am because I believe we can all improve and no one is perfect. I still struggle some days. The journey is not easy but it is worth it. If you have an off day don’t let it derail the whole vision. Peaks and valleys are all a part of the journey. If you don’t reach the goal, it is not a failure. You will grow through the process and that is a victory all its own!

Alright let’s get to it. The NUMBER ONE goal every year is losing weight. I have been there many years of my life and I have failed many years of my life. Here is why: losing weight was NOT A BIG ENOUGH GOAL for me or enough motivation. There was a shift in the process when I realized what losing that weight meant to me. It means better health, less chance of disease and longer life. More importantly it means being able to sit on the floor to play with my kids, chase the kids around the yard, watch them play sports when they are older, watch them get married, watch them have kids and my ultimate goal is to be the couple at our grandchildren’s weddings that have been together the longest. Those are the things that motivate me. When setting a goal or resolution, you need to think about your WHY. This will be the biggest motivation for you to accomplish this goal and the thing that will keep you achieving throughout the year.

Let’s talk about actually setting your resolutions. 

  • Make a big picture goal. Where do you want to be at the end of the year? What is the one thing that if you accomplish, you will have the best year ever? Can you measure your progress? Talk with God and see what vision he has placed on your heart.
  • Set goals for each quarter. What can I do this first quarter to take a step towards the big picture goal? You probably will set the first quarter goal at the beginning and then have to do this again every 3 months once you have accomplished this stair-step goal. This has to be something measurable and time sensitive, such as losing 5 pounds by the end of the month.  
  • 3 Actions to accomplish the quarter goal. What habit can I implement to accomplish the goal? What have I been doing that needs to change? Is there some affirmation I need to tell myself daily? Examples: run 1 mile everyday, drink half my body weight in ounces, get 8 hours of sleep every night, eat 1 more serving of vegetables a day or eliminate sugar from diet. 
  • Put your goals in a spot you see everyday. The best place to set your goals is your bathroom mirror where you get ready every day. Seeing the goal constantly reminds you what you are working towards. One time a day is not enough for you to see it. So other good places are at your desk at work or on the dashboard in the car. 
  • Track your progress. Keep a daily log of how you did on your 3 action steps. Who doesn’t love the kids sticker chart….make yourself one. Or write it down in your planner or your health journal.
  • Get an accountability partner. Get your spouse on board with your goal. Find a friend with a similar goal. Reach out to someone that is where you want to be so they can help give you tips along the way. Reach out to a professional if it is physically something you can’t do on your own. Goals are easier to achieve when someone else knows about them. 

Look I realize that some goals can not be accomplished in a year but if it is a 5 year goal then you do have to break it down into smaller chunks. What is attainable in 1 year? 

If you need help setting goals or figuring out your action steps to get where you want to be, please reach out.

Dr. Pam Voss

Move Mountains Chiropractic