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In our office, we focus on treating the whole patient.  We strive to get to the root of any health problems and provide preventative care.  We will optimize your healing potential. God gave your body the ability to heal, our job is to remove interference to return that healing potential. 




Dr. Pam, The Healing Hands

Dr. Pam knew she always wanted to be a doctor but lost some faith in traditional medicine after the unsuccessful treatment of a back injury.  She committed to holistic medicine and found tremendous healing for her back and overall health.  After this experience, Dr. Pam knew her life’s mission was to help others find the same healing.  

As a wife, the mother of three beautiful children, and a business owner, Dr. Pam understands the stress of daily life.  She believes preventive care is the key to a healthy family.  By focusing on her faith and a healthy nervous system, Dr. Pam serves as an example of wellness to her patients.  

Dr. Pam completed her chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida and has been in practice for over 7 years. Dr. Pam is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. In 2020 God led her family to North Myrtle Beach. Move Mountains Chiropractic was founded in 2020 on the premise of growing a holistic wellness center focused on healing families and the community.

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We believe that food is our number one source of getting the proper nutrients but also realize that it is hard to eat enough food to catch up when you are behind. We did our research and bring the best option to you for supplements. Thorne product quizzes, wellness bundles and health tests can help find what nutrients are missing and what needs supplemented. We have our favorites picked out for you but also know there is more to offer.



Stress has a way of depleting the body. CBD helps replenish the endocannabinoid system and fill in the gaps. CBD can be used to support many things such as mood support, a healthy inflammatory response, digestive health, focus, quality of sleep and so much more. We don't believe that CBD replaces the adjustment but that it helps support the healing process.  We believe that healing happens from the inside out.