Importance of a routine

Ever wonder why people get up at 5 am when work does not start until 9 am? How does getting a full day of work in before lunch sound? Is your morning relaxed and the same every day? Or do you run around like a crazy person in the morning? What do all the most successful people have in common?

The most successful people have a routine that becomes second nature to them. Now I get it we are not all CEOs of major corporations but we all have something to accomplish in our day. Success does not have to be about money.  Even if you are a stay at home mom, you need to schedule some things or they will never get done. Come on, you know you schedule nap time and are a stickler on it for a reason. 

Routines can be good or bad. I won’t list all the bad but a bowl of ice cream every night before bed is a routine. Yes the flavor might change but it is still the same treat every night. That’s part of your nightly routine.

However, having a good routine is so important because it saves time, makes you more proficient at something, reduces time planning, instills good habits, reduces stress and helps you achieve goals. Creating a routine can help you avoid making bad choices. If you plan out your meals for the week before you hit the grocery store, you are less likely to pick up the pizza and ice cream. When you schedule going to the gym in the morning, you are less likely to skip it because you are too tired later in the day. 

Making all the small decisions in the morning takes a lot of your morning energy. A majority of people are the most productive 1-2 hours after they wake up. If we are using all our energy on deciding what to eat and what to wear then we have taken away our chance for more creative thinking. This is why a night routine is just as important as a morning routine. Packing lunches, planning out breakfast, choosing outfits and planning out the daily schedule the night before saves time in the morning and helps calm the chaos. If you have kids, you know it is hard enough getting them out of bed in the morning. 

A routine can also keep you sane! For those of us Type A personalities, a routine helps minimize chaos and keeps everyone on the same page. There is no guessing if the routine is the same every day or every week. A family routine makes the entire family thrive. 

If you made a New Year’s resolution, a routine is also the best way for you to cut a bad habit. Let’s go back to that ice cream. Suppose you have now changed your routine to an apple with peanut butter instead. Still having a snack but it is a much healthier choice. Also if your resolution includes losing weight, then maybe your new routine includes the gym at 6am every day or intermittent fasting. You most likely already have a routine but maybe it just needs a few minor tweaks to make you the best you.  

Look I am not saying just because you came up with a new routine it will be easy to stick to but I promise it will be worth it when you reach your goals. The best way to stick to it is to write it down and plan at the beginning of the week. Sunday afternoon is a great time to plan the week ahead. Block time out for specific things each day, such as eating, exercise, sleep (yes schedule that in), devotional, work, time with kids, time with spouse and anything productive you want to add.

Do you have a routine? What are you going to add to your routine?

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day…..use it wisely.